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Giving Help to Those Who Need It.

Southeastern Community Action Partnership, Inc. serves approximately 3,200 low income individuals and families in seven counties. Our agency could not serve our communities without the partnership and support of our local communities.

Let’s Create Something
Great Together!

Our agency has had countless children who were educated at our Head Start program return to our agency decades later to share their stories of their successful life journey because of their early childhood experiences with Southeastern Community Action Partnership, Inc.

Through our HUD Section 8 program, we provide hundreds of families with safe and affordable housing. Additionally, our families continue to transition through our Community Services Block Grant Program and improve their lives through education, better jobs, gainful employment and becoming a first-time home buyer.

Our mission is to “help people, help themselves” and your generous contributions bring us one step closer to fulfilling our cause.

Southeastern Community Action Partnership, Inc. has several opportunities for donations and support to our various programs through program-specific or unrestricted funds. To donate to a specific program, please include a note in the check memo or notes online.

Donations to Southeastern Community Action Partnership, Inc. can also be made in person, via mail or online. Please send checks to:

Thank you for your timeless generosity and support of Southeastern Community Action Partnership, Inc.


FEMA Disaster Information: Click Here

Robeson County Emergency Services
910-272-5867 or 272-5875

To report price-gouging during the disaster, call the North Carolina Attorney General’s Office


Natural disasters can disrupt communities and create new challenges for families.

Southeastern Community Action Partnership can assist families during natural disasters to overcome hardship.

To make a donation for disaster relief, please earmark ‘DISASTER’ to ensure that funds are allocated to our disaster relief fund.


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