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Community Services Block Grant Laptop Initiative

Southeastern Community Action Partnernership’s Self Sufficiency program’s goal is to deliver necessary and valuable programs and services to underserved communities such as technology training, health care, education, and job training. To meet our goal and provide technology training, we needed upgraded computers to better improve the capacity to deliver those valuable services. The self-sufficiency program utilized funding from the PNC grant to assist our customers who need laptops to complete educational and employment goals.

Due to our rural service areas, often laptops or computer access is limited due to poverty, and lack of public access to computers. A laptop initiative encourages discovery and learning, rather than just the capability to complete an assignment. The learning is enhanced through real-world applications and real-time learning. Online entrepreneurship, business, and stock simulations enhance learning by providing the customers with the chance to participate in a variety of online applications that make connections to global circumstances and technological expectations for the 21st Century.

The goal of the program is to distribute the laptops to those clients receiving services and to those who have graduated from our program and are moving towards self-sufficiency.

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