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Request for Bid – Deadline March 31, 2023
Southeastern Community Action Partnership, Inc. (SCAP, INC.)
405 North Elm St., P. O. Box 1025
Lumberton, North Carolina 28359
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Community Services Block Grant Program
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March 13, 2023

Supplier’s Name and Business
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  1. About SCAP

SCAP, Inc. (Agency) is a North Carolina nonprofit public benefit. The Agency is recognized as a charitable, tax-exempt organization. The Agency operates as a Community Action Agency (CAA) under the auspices of the county, state, and federal governments. It is authorized to conduct programs in Bladen, Brunswick, Columbus, Hoke, Pender, Robeson, and Scotland Counties, through its designation as a CAA by the county commissioners of those counties.

  1. Project Scope
    • This bid involves purchasing three (3) 2021 or higher compact SUV utility vehicles with opening rear hatch and fold-down seats (slightly used with low mileage is an option). Vehicles must be equipped with driver and passenger airbags, adjustable safety belts, automatic transmission, power steering, air conditioning, regular gas, wheel nut wrench and jack, spare tire, secure anti-theft system, and floor mats. Please include the unit price, all taxes, tags, and associated fees in the total cost of the vehicles.
    • The Agency will issue a purchase order to the successful vendor. Payment will be made at the time of delivery.


  1. General RFB Terms and Conditions
    • Revisions to the Request for Bid – If it becomes necessary to revise any part of this RFB before the assigned responsive deadline, changes will be provided by the Director of Administration and Contracts to all suppliers. SCAP shall be the sole determinant of whether revisions or addendums should be issued due to any questions or other circumstances and will extend the bid deadline.
    • Errors in Bid – SCAP will not be liable for any errors in the Supplier bid response. Except during negotiations initiated by SCAP, modifications to the bid response will not be accepted after the deadline.
    • Withdrawing Bid Proposals – Suppliers may withdraw a bid proposal before the deadline by submitting a written request to SCAP from an authorized Supplier representative. After removing a proposal, the Supplier may offer another response before the bid deadline.
    • It is the responsibility of the Suppliers to ensure their proposals are received by SCAP no later than the bid deadline unless it is in the best interest of SCAP; late bids will not be accepted.
    • Unsolicited proposals or counteroffers submitted after the deadline will not be given consideration.
    • Southeastern Community Action Partnership, Inc. shall be exempt from any liability for costs incurred by unsuccessful suppliers in preparation for the bid response. The Agency reserves the right to select the supplier determined to be in the best interest of SCAP’s CSBG Program.
    • Suppliers’ submittal of their proposals certifies it is made without prior understanding, agreement, or connection with any corporation, firm, or person submitting a bid/offer for the same services and is in all respect fair and without collusion or fraud. The Supplier agrees to abide by all conditions of this solicitation and certifies that the signature is authorized to submit proposals for the Supplier.


  1. General RFB Requirements

Suppliers are to review the RFB and reply with a formal bid response on the Supplier’s letterhead no later than March 31, 2023. All responses must be valid for at least 90 days from the bid award date. All responses are to be submitted to the following address:

Cynthia Foskey, Director of Administration and Contracts

Southeastern Community Action Partnership

P.O. Box 1025

Lumberton NC 28359

405 N. Elm St.

Lumberton NC 28358

  • Pricing Proposals – The Supplier must provide a brochure of the vehicles with a spreadsheet outlining the proposed cars’ features (make, model, mileage, if any, warranties, factory and extended and parts, etc.)
  • Pricing per each item

All pricing should include all associated delivery fees, taxes, and tags.

  • Special Discounts – The supplier shall provide information about rebates and special offers, along with deadlines for being eligible for rebates and special offers.


  1. General Terms and Conditions
    • Payment Terms – Payment for vehicles will be on the delivery date. The Supplier must provide an invoice detailing payment before the delivery, including all associated taxes and fees, 24 hours before delivery.


  1. SCAP Profile Information
    • SCAP seeks maximum business opportunities for minority, disadvantaged, and small business enterprises.
    • Is your company a minority, disadvantaged, or small business enterprise?
    • List any exceptions taken on any portion of the Request for Bid or any portion of the terms and conditions referred to. Unless specifically identified and stipulated, SCAP assumes that all portions of the RFB and terms and conditions are acceptable to the Supplier.



  • Supplier must certify that to the best of his or her knowledge, this company or anyone associated with this company is not currently on the debarment list from receiving state or federal funds for payment. Further that no employee of this agency has made any promises to your company for the awarding of the RFB in advance.



Make:  ____________________________                   Model: _______________________

Current Mileage: __________________________________

Cost of Vehicle: ________________

Cost of Options: ________________

Tax/Tags/Fees: _________________

Total Cost of Vehicle: ________________

Minus Rebate (if applicable): ________________

Anticipated Delivery Date of all Vehicles: ________________ days after the official order is placed.

Signature and Title

Company Name

Mailing and Street Addresses (if different)

Contact Information







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