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March is Women’s History Month, and we are continuing to highlight women within Southeastern who help push our mission forward. Meet Cynthia Love, BS, our CSBG Case Manager. Cynthia shares what Women’s History Month means to her and more.

Women’s History Month with Cynthia Love

Women’s History Month is new to me. This holiday reminder came up on my calendar, and in fact, I’m educating myself on it today. One reason is important to celebrate the forerunners is because of the morals and values that they instilled in us.

Some of the ways that I chose to make history in my community is to volunteer at any given opportunity. Through my work, I try to envision myself as the person I’m assisting. This makes for a better relationship and more effective communication.

A female leader of the past who I look up to would be my grandmother. She was such a comedian, and the reflection of her life keeps me laughing. A present female leader is my eldest sister, she was always my second mom. I lost my mom, and now she is my number one, and I couldn’t ask for a better female leader.


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